Future Students

Our Graduate Students

Our graduate students come from a variety of backgrounds, and we encourage applicants from within and outside Neuroscience. 

Our graduate students complete core coursework that covers the breadth of Neuroscience and elective coursework that allows for specialization in the students research area of interest.

Our graduate students have opportunities to engage in professional development and outreach beyond the research lab for a well rounded graduate experience that prepares them for their future career. 


Applying to the Program

All interested applicants  complete a pre-application by January 1st. There is no fee for the pre-application. We review applications by January 15th and send out invitations by January 31st for interviews with our current students and faculty in the program. The interviews occur in February. After completing the interview process, the supervisory committee meets and determines assistantships. We email our acceptance letters and assistantship offers by April. Those offered an assistantship will be asked to complete the full application and will be provided a waiver for the application fee. 

When reviewing applications, faculty members look at the entire application packet. However, a match in research interests with a potential Major Professor is the most important factor when evaluating graduate student applicants. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact potential major professors to learn more about their research programs and to inquire if they have an opening in their labs.  Faculty research interests are described on the Faculty tab. More information about funding/assistantships and curriculum is found on the About tab.

Application instructions can be found on the Office of Admissions website. The GRE is not required but TOEFL scores are required for international students.  The Graduate College also contains information on funding and information for international studentsGraduate student fees are listed on the Office of the Registrar website.  Further information can be found on the Graduate College website.

Neuroscience Graduate Students at the Des Moines Science Center
Neuroscience Graduate Students at Brain Day for Kids