Fall 2017 Registration

Neuroscience graduate students typically register for 2-3 graded courses along with their required seminar (NEURO 696), journal club (NEURO 690), and research (NEURO 699) credits.

This fall you will need to register for the following:
   1.  NEURO 556, Cellular, Molecular, & Developmental Neuroscience
   2.  NEURO 690, Journal Club in Neuroscience
   3.  NEURO 696, Neuroscience Seminar
   4.  NEURO 699, Graduate Research

NEURO 699, Graduate Research
During rotations you will register for Dr. Greenlee’s section of NEURO 699. You will need the below reference number when registering. It is of note that when you join your home lab that you will register for your major professor’s section of NEURO 699. You will also need to enter a number of credits. The number of NEURO 699 credits will depend on whether you take 2 or 3 graded courses. Most students take 3-6 credits of research while still completing coursework. The general rule is that you want your total number of credits to between 9 & 12.

Heather Greenlee
Section: HG
Reference #: 9032037

In addition to the above, you should select 1-2 (probably just 1) other courses from the Neuroscience requirements. Neuroscience courses being offered this fall are:

Course # Course Title Credits Term of Offering
An S 670 Molecular Biology of Muscle 3 Fall
BBMB 404 Biochemistry I 3 Fall
Bio 354 Animal Behavior 3 Fall
Bio 436 Neurobiology 3 Fall
Kin 572 Neural Basis of Human Movement 3  
GRST 565 Responsible Conduct of Research 1 Fall & Spring
Stat 401 Statistical Methods for Research 4 Fall,Spring&Summer

Please note the new Graduate College limit to 300/400 level courses allowed on a POSC. Up to 15 credits from 300- and 400-level courses may be used on a POSC form, with a maximum of 6 credits at the 300 level. For graduate students who enter degree programs in spring semester of 2018 and thereafter, a limit of 9 credits at the undergraduate level will be in effect, with a limit of 3 credits at the 300 level. If a 300-level class is used, it must be from outside of the student’s major.

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